According to an 1869 book on Chinese philosopher Confucius, the noted sage was big on two things: silence and ginger. According to the book, whenever Confucius came around for dinner, he insisted ‘there must always be ginger at the table’, and that ‘when eating, he did not converse.’ When it came to dinner, he went straight to business.
It fits that Confucius should equate ginger with purposeful, silent eating. Thanks to ginger’s strong character, every nibble forces the person eating it to focus on nothing else – such is the strength of its bite. That said, the reason Confucius enjoyed ginger wasn’t simply for flavor. Rather, he appreciated the root’s ability to ‘remove excess wind and dampness in the stomach’. (Which is to say, he believed it aided in digestion.)
While we generally believe everything Confucius says without reservation, we’re pleased to say that modern science appears to back up what the philosopher believed. Today, most people believe that ginger can help ease upset stomachs, nausea, colds, and a host of other ailments. The root is said to also have anti-inflammatory properties that some claim can ease stiff, sore joints.
This luxury grade dried ginger is the perfect way to inject a little spice into your custom tea and herbal blends. Ok, enough talking!