Life is busy. Some days we all need a mental boost to keep our eye on the prize. On those days, a little Ashwagandha can go a long way. Used for over 3000 years in the practice of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha was traditionally prescribed to increase energy levels and improve concentration.

Known as a vehicle for mindfulness, the herb is also classified as an adaptogen, meaning it can help your body manage stress – something we could use help with at some point or another. What’s more, according to Ayurvedic specialists, this ancient herb is effective at enhancing motivation and memory – two factors we definitely need help with as we age.

We’ve sourced this luxury grade, dried and cut Ashwagandha to help you get the brain boost you need, right when you need it. Add it to custom tea or herbal blends, brew a pot and sip your way to a bright sunshine-y day.

Ashwagandha Tea with Milk and Cardamom
You’ll need: 1 tsp Ashwagandha root, powdered in a mortar & pestle. ½ cup milk (or milk substitute – almond, rice, soy, etc.). 1 tsp palm sugar. ½ cup water. 3-4 cardamom pods. Bring entire mixture (minus cardamom) to a boil and simmer until reduces to ½ cup. Strain. Add cardamom. Enjoy!