WELLNESS TEA : Mélange Zen

Goodbye pressure. Hello citrus and sage. Calming Destress Wellness was blended with one thought in mind – chilling out. Life is busy enough right? The blend was conceived once our Master Blender finally got home from a buying trip to Northern India.

After a 3 hour Cessna flight from Assam, followed by a 12 hour stopover in Chennai, followed by a flight to and another stopover in Kolkata, followed by a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka, followed by a flight to Rome, then London, then finally home, he was feeling a little stressed, to say the least.
The story he tells, is that upon returning home, he opened his cupboards (you can imagine how many types of teas and herbs are in there) and started experimenting. Knowing sage had long been prized by North American natives for its ability to purify the home and spirit, he began mixing the herb with dried citrus fruit until he’d achieved the right balance of aroma and strength. From the first sip, he describes feeling more than 48 hours of travel time slip away sip by sip. Beautiful.
We’re pleased to offer a refined version of his home concoction. Feeling stressed? Bent out of sorts after a long day? Fill the kettle, sit back and let a sense of calm descend and wash it all away.