Stop for a moment and see if you can think of a tea that even sounds more relaxing than Camomile Lemongrass.ok, at least one that is available legally. You can’t. It simply doesn’t exist. This is simply no doubt that this is one of our most daydream inducing herbal blends. But besides sending you off to la-la land, Camomile and Lemongrass have many other uhm, powers, for lack of a better word.

Powers you ask? Yes.for example, the ancient Egyptians believed that Chamomile possessed shamanistic powers and associated it with the sun god Ra. And, an ancient Greek doctor named Dioscorides who rode with Roman Emperor Nero’s army, prescribed chamomile to treat gastrointestinal disorders and calm nerves. More recent beliefs maintain that chamomile aids digestion and may be beneficial as a natural remedy for insomnia.

And what of Lemongrass? Well, ancient eastern belief holds that Lemongrass possesses the power to induce psychic abilities, enabling people to read minds and have visions of the future. Like Camomile, current Eastern folk beliefs are of the more practical variety and maintain that the plant is effective for easing jet lag, indigestion and headaches.

Now there is one more power we haven’t mentioned yet and it’s probably the most important one of them all: Camomile and Lemongrass produce an herbal tea with an outstanding flavor that has the ability to keep your customers coming back over and over again for more. On its own, Camomile produces a sweetish cup with notes of honey and subtle tones of fruit. Lemongrass, which contains citronella, produces a cup that is fresh and herbal with light touches of bitter lemon and even lighter touches of orange. Together, the cup they produce is a heavenly blend of the two. Offer your customers the chance to visit heaven today. Then, get used to seeing them again and again.

Note: If you are pregnant, unsure whether you should drink this herbal tea or simply concerned; we recommend you consult your physician for consumption advice.