Is there ever enough time in the day? While the question is rhetorical, the sentiment is universal. Busy lives mean busy minds, bodies and spirits. Taking some time for a little selfcare is essential if you want to keep going. Ayurvedic Calming herbal blend is here to help you create some space for yourself, whenever you need it.

This luxuriant blend offers a cornucopia of ingredients all prized by Ayurvedic practitioners layered over a soothing, mineral rich Rooibos. Loaded with nettle, believed to function as a nourishing tonic for the body, rosehip, raspberry and licorice for a body-fortifying boost of antioxidants, and a bevy of delectable spices selected for flavor, and their function as body purifiers. To this we’ve also added delicate flower petals, including lavender, used for centuries to aid sleep and promote relaxation.

As you wait for your water to boil, your mind starts to slow down. As you infuse your pot or cup and wait for your tea to brew, your body settles into relaxation mode. As you take your first sip, your spirit eases into a new zone of comfort that lasts for the duration of your cup, and hopefully longer. Be calm. Namaste.