The act of filling a basket with market fresh produce is one that has been around since literally the dawn of human existence. Throughout history, in every culture, in every corner of the planet, everyone from the ancient Romans to the Aztecs strolled to a central market to shop for seasonal produce. (Speaking of ancient, the oldest continually operated market in the world, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, has been open since 1455.)

Naturally, the act of throwing everything randomly into one basket – fruits, vegetables, what-have-you – led to the creation of countless interesting recipes, and had a far-reaching hand in developing the foodie culture of the modern world. To celebrate the diverse market cultures of Fairmont’s many international settings, from Cairo’s Tawfikeya Market to Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, our Master Taster developed this fresh, fruit-forward blend of dried vegetable pieces, fruits and natural flavors.
Designed to capture the unlimited culinary potential of a basket of produce, Market Fresh blend offers a nutrient packed, vitamin rich brew that truly shines in the cup. Your guests, arriving from a long voyage, or perhaps after stroll around a new city, can brew a cup, and luxuriate in the warm, familiar character of a market basket overflowing with produce. Crafted from sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables, this is a blend everyone can feel great about.