St John’s Wort – Millepertuis – Hypericum Perforatum

One of the natural world’s more uniquely named plants, St. John’s Wort gets its name from its habit of blooming on the summer solstice, in conjunction with the June 24 Feast of St. John the Baptist. Perhaps owing to this mystical provenance, the plant has a long history of use by those seeking to ward off evil spirits. A 14th century English poem explains:

St Johns wort doth charm all the witches away.
If gathered at midnight on the Saints holy day.
And devils and witches have no power to harm
Those that do gather the plant for a charm.
Rub the lintels and post with that red juicy flower
No thunder nor tempest will then have the power.

What’s more, according to 19th century American herbalist, Harvey Wickes Felter, the power of St. John’s Wort doesn’t stop there. In his 1898 book, ‘King’s American Dispensatory’, Wicke explains that this multi-purpose flower can be used to treat, ‘urinary affections, diarrhea, worms, jaundice, menorrhagia, hysteria, nervous imbalances with depression’, and a whole lot more. Wow.

We’re pleased to offer these organic, dried and cut St. John’s Wort flowers for your spiritual and corporeal benefit. Use them to add an almond-like tone to herbal blends, or brew them on their own as a nourishing tisane and sip the doldrums away.