The Amazon Rainforest-the origin of guayusa (Latin: Ilex guayusa), is a region of exceptional beauty and ancient history. Often referred to as the lungs of the earth, the forest is home to countless species of flora and fauna, including plant-based remedies and stimulants that have been passed down for millennia. Guayasa, pronounced gwai-yoo-sa, is one such plant.

For the Amazon’s Kichwa people, the leaves of the guayasa tree, a type of holly, serve as the base for their morning beverage. According to their beliefs, guayasa tea is said to facilitate dream interpretation-an essential component of community decision-making. Kichwa legend tells of siblings who went in search of a plant to help them dream for this purpose. Falling into a deep sleep, they dreamt that their ancestors gave them guayasa leaves to brew into a tea. When they awoke, they held the plants in their hands. A miracle.

While we can’t verify the plant’s dream-interpretative properties, we can tell you that thanks to the presence of caffeine (by some estimates in measures equal to that of coffee), guayasa tea does indeed make a fantastic morning pick-me-up. What’s more, thanks to the presence of polyphenol antioxidants known as catechins, guaysa may protect against inflammation, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes -perfect for those seeking a nutrient-rich coffee alternative. Enjoy a piping hot cup of guayasa tea today, it’s a dream come true. Enjoy.