Blue Marble Tree Leaf - Elaeocarpus Angustifolius

Elaeocarpus angustifolius is a large and fast growing rainforest tree, native to Australia, in the Elaeocarpaceae family. It is commonly known as Blue Quandong, Blue Marble Tree, Bracelet Tree or Blue Fig, although it is not closely related to the genus of figs.

This tree is grown for the ornamental flowers, foliage, and edible but tangy and bitter fruits. Other special uses of this evergreen perennial plant include erosion control, and as a food resource for butterflies, insects, and fruit-eating birds.

The Indigenous Australians used the fruits for bush tucker and ornament. The fruit pulp is edible when ripe, though sour and slightly bitter. It can be made into an edible paste by squashing it into a bark trough (or other suitable receptacle) filled with water. It is a popular ingredient in Aboriginal cuisine.[6] European settlers in Australia use the fruit for jams and pies.


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