UV Wallhanging : Lime Xochipilli

Hand painted & printed UV batik wallhanging / tapestry

The ancient aztec god, Xochipilli, gazes in awe at the reeling cosmos in sub-atomic meltdown !!

The statue figure is trippin’ the light fantastic in the throes of entheogenic ecstasy.

He sits surrounded by a collection of psychedelic Plants of the Gods, including Peyote, Morning Glory, Datura, Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana, Mandrake , Mimosa (Contains DMT, used as an Ayuhuasca ingredient) & Syrian Rue (MAO inhibitor, used as an Ayuhuasca ingredient)

UV Active !

Size 2m x 1.2m / 78 In x 48 In

100% rayon, fully machine washable.
(Wash seperately the first time as colours may run.)


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