Surviving the Zombie Outbreak: The Official Zombie Survival Field Manual – Paperback

A pathogen known as the ”Vrykolas-Romeros Virus” (VRV) began infecting humans throughout eastern Pennsylvania approximately six weeks prior to the printing of this book. The VRV kills its host quickly and within moments reanimates the corpse as a ”walking dead” creature that is compelled to bite humans and spread the virus. These abominations are now known as ”Zombies.”

Since the appearance of the VRV, worldwide chaos has ensued. The power grid is down, supplies are finite, and Zombies are roaming the landscape. Government experts are working to find a cure for the VRV, but until they do you must try to survive on your own under desperate circumstances. This official Zombie survival field manual contains vital information to help you stay alive in this unprecedented, hostile environment.

– Locating safe zones
– Assembling a survival kit
– Choosing weapons
– Electing a leader
– Securing a building
– Communicating with survivors
– Dealing with carriers of the virus
– Finding supplies
– Traveling through danger zones
– Re-killing zombies
– And much more

– 272 pages
– Dimensions: 13 x 20 x 2 cm
– Language: English
– 50 photos
– Authors: Gerald Kielpinski & Brian Gleisberg


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