Adaptogen Ground Coffee With Ashwagandha 340g

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Ground Adaptogen Coffee with Ashwagandha (16 servings) – Finally, a cup of coffee that helps you master stress, rather than just postpone it. Every caramel-y adaptogenic sip will help you keep calm and carry on.

Coffee with the best of nature.
Coffee is great for energy—it just often comes with a side of jitters and the dreaded mid-day crash. Ashwagandha is a powerful herb to help you fight occasional stress, and balance out the negative side effects of coffee. You’ll have to find another excuse for mid-day naps.

Brew. Sip. Balance.
Nut milk, natural sweeteners, and coconut oil are optional additions if you have a sweet tooth. You can even foam the milk if you know how to do that.
Made with organic, Fair-Trade, single origin Arabica coffee beans, ground and ready to brew in whatever method makes you happy.
Brews medium and caramel-y. You’ll completely forget the word “adaptogen” is on the bag while you’re drinking it. You’ll remember when you notice you haven’t crashed around mid-day.

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