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The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer is easy to use, very efficient and creates great tasting vapour.

The Extreme Q has passed the test of time, one of the first direct flow and bag vaporizers to hit the market, it became the new standard in multi-use desktop vaporizers. Ultra-reliable, solid warranty, readily available parts, the Extreme Q is a great choice for anyone looking for a desktop vaporizer. Every feature you could want and more, the Extreme Q does it all.

Midnight Chrome Finish
Low noise fan (Q stands for Quiet)
Compact Design for a desktop
Clear View LCD
Fast heating ceramic heater
Precise Temperature Control with triple heat sensors
Energy efficient
Designed with Solid State Circuitry

Includes in the kit:
– 1 Remote Control
– 2 Balloons
– 1 Mini Whip for Balloons
– 1 Three Foot Whip
– 2 Extra Interchangeable Mouthpiece
– Potpourri Dish
– 2 Cyclone Bowls
– 1 Glass Stirring Tool
– Extra Screens
– Instructions

Arizer is a Canadian company offering reliable desktop and portable vaporizers.
We have a direct 3-year warranty on the Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer.


Arizer has equipped the Extreme Q with a digital temperature remote control activation system (the first of its kind when it came out) which automates your choice of 3 different fan speeds to control your vapour density, temperature, and automatic shut-off power settings. By having this level of functionality, the Arizer Extreme Q is able to serve as a dry herb vaporizer, aromatherapy vaporizer, and oil diffuser. Arizer constructed the Extreme Q from the highest quality materials available which offer clean-tasting, potent vapour, and an insulated dual wall stainless steel housing unit, in case you’re worried about dropping your desktop vape during a move or social gathering.

The precise temp controls of the Extreme Q are easy to use for all levels of vape users, from the “green” newcomers to the seasoned professionals. The ceramic heating element of the Arizer Extreme Q can maintain temperatures down to the exact degree, and display any temperature fluctuations to the user in real-time. With such dynamic heating technology, the Extreme Q helps the user avoid burning their herb or have a less than ideal vape session due to their desktop vaporizer not being heated properly. By vaporizing your dry herb efficiently, without wasting any materials, the Arizer Extreme Q will end up saving users money thanks to its precision.

Arizer products are always created with a quality that exemplifies the future of personal vaporizers. Hailing from Canada, Arizer takes their country’s friendly demeanour and applies it to each product they make. In the early days of Arizer, their products were conceived and manufactured for close friends. That mentality continues today as each customer is considered part of the Arizer family. Once you’ve purchased an Arizer product, you know you are buying a unique piece of technology as opposed to a re-branded product.

As with everything Arizer makes, the Extreme Q comes strapped with a manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers any defect related to the heating element. Considering that many companies don’t offer warranties longer than the first year, it is clear Arizer stands by their products.

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