Portable Vaporizer

La loi québécoise de lutte contre le tabagisme L6.2 et Loi encadrant le cannabis C-5.3 nous INTERDIT d’afficher sur notre site web nos VAPORISATEURS, PIPES, BONGS, PAPIER À ROULER et CIGARETTE ÉLECTRONIQUE. Nous avons une grande sélection de produits en boutique, qui conformément à la loi,  ne sont pas à la vue de tous.

On vous attend en magasin pour mieux vous servir !

The Quebec Tobacco control act and the Cannabis Regulation Act is forbidding us to show our VAPORIZERS, PIPES, BONGS, ROLLING PAPERS  and E-CIGS on our website. We have a huge selection in store, but according to the same laws we have to hide them.

Drop by and say High, we will show you what we got in store !

Portable vapes are handheld, battery-powered units that enable on-the-go consumption of dry herb, wax, or e-liquid. Usually compact, portable devices won’t burden your pocket, and will generally hide in your hand during use. But despite the stealthy size of these units, they often feature powerful heating systems that deliver clean, smooth, and flavorful vapor. You get excellent draws and discretion with a portable unit.

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